Broken Dreams

I was not able to follow the challenge I casted upon myself. Last week I failed to write three days.

The first time I failed, I kind of made up writting twice the following day, but as I had feared before, having failed once made it too easy to fail on Friday, and then again on Saturday.

I could use dozens of excuses, but truth is I wasn’t strong enough to keep up.

The decision now is what to do now. Have I lost it all?

What do I do when I failed?

Well, I could simply let it go. I could stop writing and made this effort I did purely anecdotical. But I don’t want that.

I want the moment I decided to change my life, and start this blog, to last. To change my life.

I won’t give up this easily. I want to reach my goal, and I want to even improve how I am doing this.

I will compensate this two days without content by writing two articles on Monday and two on Tuesday.

I have to be hard on myself, because having skipped a few days shouldn’t make it easier to skip more days in the future. That can be a real issue.

And I plan on improving. Starting tomorrow I plan on using better strategies, and will fight for my streak to be longer next time.

This article points out how I want to continue in the future with my articles, even adding an additional step that would be: future content generation.

Find your weaknesses and get to know them. You'll be the one to fight them to reach your goals.

Albert Camps

What do you do to continue when you fail at your objectives? Do you give up?