Where to get your news from

In the crazy world we live, it’s difficult to keep up, so you need to know where to find the more relevant news for you.

Here are a few examples I recommend:

A trusted source:

Like Hacker News, there are a few pages you can trust in order to inform you. Every specific area of knowledge has it’s own set of pages, so it’s only a matter of finding yours.


If you don’t know how this universe works, just mention it’s worth a few minutes a day.

A way to explain what it is:

Imagine all your friends posting their favourite links in a webpage. In this webpage you can upvote the best, and downvote the ones you don’t like.

The result is quite awesome.

And there’s a huge amount of subreddits, probably about the subject you are interested on.


I recommmend following people who are known to be relevant people on the specific sector I am interested.

Besides that, a few companies offer nice information, if they have an active Twitter profile for engineering, like Twitter Engineering.


It’s difficult to find everything you want in blogs, but having a good RSS reader and glancing at the headlines once in a while might give you a nice idea on the current trends.

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Albert Camps

Where do you read what’s going on? Do you use all this sources? Or you get your attention in only one?