How important Speed is

I started thinking after reading Speed matters: Why working quickly is more important than it seems about how can the speed affect our way of working.

I’ve seen in people close to me, how speed, though vital is also a source of conflict, and how can we handle this.

As a matter of fact, I don’t know how to handle this pressure myself, and in a near future, a shift in position in the company I work for, will probably increase severely this amount of pressure.

There are a few inherent risks of working quickly, which might include a drop in quality.

Ensuring quality at work is an important factor. It boils down to your position, but then again, someone reliable at work is someone who delivers at least with enough quality.

So this two elements need to come paired: speed with quality.

You might have read done better than perfect. Well, that’s not 100% true, since if there’s no guarantee that your work is reliable, it’s the same as if nothing was done.

Define your minimum quality, make it an standard for your work, and then work for speed. Otherwise you might end up badly.

Albert Camps