Productivity - Procrastination

Being productive is a result of working, it’s getting results. But sometimes it’s difficult to start working.

What is procrastination

Procrastination is the art of leaving something for later. Or never.

We all have experienced a sudden interest in the news. In sorting our e-mails, and all the small things we never find time for.

Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

Spanish saying

But you should trust this old spanish saying and work harder today, so you can do tomorrow what others can’t.

Why we procrastinate

It’s a good start to first know the reasons behind this annoying tendency to avoid working -or studying.

Lack of desire

As obvious as it might sound, usually we procrastinate because we don’t really want to do something.

Finding the reason behind the task at hand can help enlighten your desire.

Wrong priorities

You can temporally misplace what is important in the big picture of your life.

Ask yourself: Which relevance will this have in five years? And in five weeks?

The answer to that is usually very enlightening.


Sometimes we fear what might happen if we do this work.

If you don’t work hard and you fail, or your result is average, well, you weren’t working hard, so you can still thing you are clever. If you work hard and you are average, or even worse, you fail, you will get a bad feeling.

I can only say three things to that.

Grow up.

Be brave.

Start small..

I have to remind myself this things all the time.

How to avoid procrastination


A clean desktop, with just the basic tools is an inmense help. Our monkey minds can be very useful sometimes, but they might also play against us. Be clever and anticipate.

In your computer, use the minimum amount of things you can so you can be more focused.


This is 100% personal, but if music helps you concentrate, I would recommend try to concentrate without music if you can. If there’s noise and you can’t avoid id, soft music that you can’t understand, and that you don’t know might be helpful, so you won’t be singing along, nor listening to the lyrics.

It’s a trick to clean your sound desktop, as in the previous point.

Productive procrastination

In some cases your mind simply isn’t up for the task. Being a productive procrastinator might be helpful in those times. Do something that you need to do anyway. Go to the gym, catch up with an interesting article, learn something new.

When you procrastinate, is because you are not passionate about what you are doing. Find your passion.

Albert Camps

And this is all from my part. How do you avoid procrastination?